Our Mission

To offer more than just protection. To provide a service with integrity, care and loyalty for many years to come. To be here for you today, tomorrow, and the time when you need us most.  To be here for you when the unexpected strikes and to help hold your hands until you recover. That’s our promise.


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Our Commitment

We are committed to the principles of service, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism with a goal to deliver superior service and quality protection.  We are here to protect you when the unexpected strikes. At Penn Insurance, we are more than just a protection!

Meet the Founder

Jacqueline is the president and a broker at Penn Insurance Group.

Since 1993, she has owned and operated multiple businesses in both California and Nevada.  She passionately cares for her community and the people she served.

Jacqueline began her Insurance career as an agency owner at American Family and later moved to Farmers Insurance as an Agency Business Consultant working at the District office in Reno, NV.  After many years of operating a captive agency, she discovered that it wasn’t the right fit for her or her clients. She wanted to provide her clients with flexibility and more options for their insurance choices.  Founding an independent agency became her dream. Shortly thereafter, Penn Insurance Group was formed in 2017.





Not everyone is born with a personality that allows them to easily meet and captivate people. Some of us are more reserved, even timid when meeting new people. At Penn Insurance, we trained our team to respect and we believe the foundation of trust develops right from the beginning. 

When you join our company, we value your business.

We care and seek for a long lasting, loyal relationship. That is our promise. 


We have years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown and unexpected risks. Ask us about home, auto, fire, flood, theft, life, business, worker’s comp and more!

We can access many different insurance products so you can get the right one for you.  



We care! Our agency is not driven by making the sales or the money.  We take the time to listen and make the best decision for our clients based on their personal and professional needs. Our team cares deeply and is committed to our clients, company, and community partners.  

Call us today, and we'll analyze your insurance needs and get you covered quickly at the right option for you.